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I am an Indianapolis native who has lived in his HT off and on over the years, as well as the Deep South, the Northeast, and overseas. Trained in urban planning, I am less interested in macro/policy-level exploration of urban affairs. But when it comes to highly local and micro-level issues, you'll see me step up to the plate. The devil is in the details! My blog, American Dirt, explores landscapes urban and rural across the country (and a little bit abroad).

Supermarkets can sprawl into new buildings, even if the financials don’t justify it. Why should gyms be any different?

The recent closure of another LA Fitness location, despite no evidence that the company itself is declining, leads to the conclusion that health clubs, much like grocery stores and other retail, help contribute to their own sprawl. In other words, they locate and re-locate in a pattern I like to call “hopscotching”.

Sears at Castleton Closes: How to Rethink the Space Amidst the Retail Apocalypse

We knew it was going to happen eventually.   Sears Holdings Company recently announced the latest wave of closures for its two flagship department stores—Sears and Kmart—and they did not spare metro Indy from the chopping block. This time around, the Sears is closing at Castleton Square Mall, the largest and, in most regards, the …

The Broad Ripple Parking Garage satisfied a need (so they say). But how well does it work?

Considering the wonderful coverage Curt here at Urban Indy provided in the months leading up to and during the construction of the Broad Ripple Parking Garage, it’s surprising that nobody wrote a feature once it opened. But it looks like we didn’t.   So here’s a chance, now that the garage has just celebrated its fourth birthday. …