Urban Indy is a collaborative blog featuring authors with a passion for urban design in Indianapolis.

The Blog Team:

Curtis Ailes, from Huston Street Racing

Chris Corr, from DIG-B

Kirsten Eamon-Shine, from Middle West Meals

Kevin Kastner, Creator of Urban Indy

Jason Larrison, from Circle and Squares

Greg Meckstroth, from Urban Out

Emily Neitzel from Corn Stalks and City Blocks

Scott Russell, from Go Indy Go

Graeme Sharpe, from A Place of Sense

Jim Walker, from Big Car Gallery

While we will cover many topics, these four main themes will be the backbone of this blog:

  • Sensible neighborhood redevelopment
  • An improved mass transit system
  • Increased pedestrian mobility
  • Maintaining the momentum behind our burgeoning bicycle culture

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

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  • The president of our company is a native of Indianapolis and she recently returned from a visit a few weeks ago. One of the attractions she mentioned was the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. I found your site upon doing a search for the trail and I thought your staff would get a kick out of the small but noteworthy shout out that she gave about the trail on her 2010 book tour blog, shakenandstirredbook.com (click tour blog on the”Post It Note” in lower left hand corner).

  • Didn’t see an email address or else I would have sent this to you rather than commenting, but there is an interesting article on The American Conservative with various figures commenting on the lasting impact of Jane Jacobs: http://www.theamericanconservative.com/blog/janejacobs/.

    The take about streetcars versus buses in terms of their impact on pedestrian life really struck me.

    And were any of you at Urbanized on Friday?

    • Yes, we had at least 4 writers in attendance. I thought it was a good summit, and a great chance to meet other people interested in the same topics as we are. It also inspired me to buy a copy of Helvetica, which I found shockingly good and interesting.

  • Current issue of New York magazine has a great set of feature articles on urban design. I’d love for Indy to get the solar trash receptacles/compactors and recycling bin combos covered in the magazine and that I saw yesterday here in Chicago on Michigan Avenue.

  • There is also one at Canterbury Park. I do not know how wide spread their usage is though

  • And at Southside Park on E Hanne and another in Garfield Park

  • I believe there is one at Chapel Hill Park near 10t and girl school on the west side

  • Good Morning!

    My name is Joselyn Seifer with Hotels.com. I came across your site while searching for guest post opportunities relevant to the Indianapolis area. It looks like your site could be a good fit. Assuming a guest post is possible, please let me know what the next step is.


    Joselyn Seifer

  • Hello,
    My name is Chris Wing, I am a member of the Benjamin Harrison Presidential Site. I have been scanning your blog and have found some very interesting information and details about Indy. We were wondering if a member of your team might be interested in a free pass to one of our on-site tours? We would love to be part of your blog posts!

    Thanks very kindly for taking the time to read this.


    Chris Wing

  • There’s also one in in the Watson Park bird preserve on the north side of the park. One solar trash compactor.

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