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Downtown Indianapolis was designed by Alexander Ralston, and became the state capital in January in 1825.  After a boom-bust period that was typical of American cities, Indianapolis mayors set out to save downtown from near-abandonment.   Downtown is now the entertainment capital of the state, with plenty of potential left for growth.


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  • Hey guys while most of you are stuck on the Di Rimini project, even me given the best opinions i can give, Iam sorry but iam more interested in high rise development in downtown indy. ,Yes the jw marriot is a hit for our downtown , But with the super bowl on its way ,This was the time for Indy to shine , the market square site with 30+ story tower and a cool park with fountains and sculptures,trees and benches, and food venders as well. #2 West merril place hotel 24+ story tower across from LOS , Penn center across from our areana , How nice and cool this would had looked for downtown indy, That along with another super tower of 65 to 73 storys , And indy would have made a super star city statement Indy and Chicago the two top dogs in the midwest when the mid west comes to mind.

  • Hey guys i got a good one for ya; whats the newst super tall you would like to see indy put onto the sky line mines is 65 , 67, 73 or 101 story tower these 73 or 101 would give indy super world city status give your numbers and opinions.

  • DeRimini is awful, someone needs to step in and fix it, but I don’t know if it is fixable….

    I would love to see a 100 story + tower on any site downtown, the problem is based on current market it would be empty, and that would be a an even bigger eyesore! I have tried forever to get something bigger, but I think that if we could just get a really well programmed space with great activities where there is lots of activity, the attendees of the superbowl would remember that more than any tower. When people remember the Olympics in Atlanta, or even the Beijing, none of them remember the tallest towers, they remember and the news stations focus on where all the action happens and where people like to hang out, party, celebrate, etc. That is what we need to focus on creating, and I think we can accomplish that, I actually think some of the plans I have seen are pretty creative and unique that these people will not have seen before and will make people think of Indy in a much different way than their previous impressions.

  • Given the current economic climate in Indy and in the rest of the country, we won’t be seeing 100+ story towers in Indy anytime soon. However, one thing the city could do to increase the likelihood of a “growth spurt” in the near future would be to do a world-class job of hosting the 2012 Super Bowl…and I mean “world-class”. While the game’s the thing, Indy could steal the show by demonstrating its ability to be the Perfect Host, showcasing all that’s good about the city and planting a seed amongst the boardrooms of businesses worldwide that may spur the idea, “why don’t we take a closer look at Indianapolis?”

    I recently returned from a month-long trip to South Korea, and during my visits to Seoul I was struck by the amount of construction going on in that city. While I am not prepared to compare this Asian metropolis with any city in the midwest – not even Chicago – the scope of Seoul’s growth was a sobering reminder of the lack of explosive growth in American cities and the power that perception plays in the growth of American cities. Indianapolis can make a name for itself, not just by doing a bang-up job of hosting the Super Bowl, but by loudly (but with class) touting its positives – lower crime rate than many major American cities, a downtown that continues to grow, despite the recession and gloomy national economic forecast, prime downtown areas just waiting for redevelopment, the [real?] possibility of a major rail transportation network on the horizon, and other pluses.

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