Nathan Smurdon

Chief Exploration Officer of ActiveIndy Tours

Architect?  Nope.  Urban Planner or Engineer?  Nah.  I’m a father, husband and super fan of the past, present & future of Indianapolis.  Came to Indy to study & compete as a student-athlete at Butler University, then spent nearly a decade working as a convention sales manager for the “marketing department” of our city – VisitIndy.

I once took an Indiana history course in college…but as the professor droned on and on from the front of the classroom, I sat there wondering why we couldn’t be out actually seeing the places we were learning about.  After all, many of them were just a few miles away.

After completing my MBA I began working in the hospitality industry, first in Las Vegas and then back here in Indy.  During site visits I created and conducted for meeting planners often times I would be stumped by simple inquiries about the back stories of buildings and memorials we would stroll past.  My curiosity about the history of our city was reignited.

And now?  I founded the top ranked city tour company here in Indianapolis back in 2012.  I’m still “selling” the city – just packaging it in the form of urban explorations conducted at the human pace – walking, running & biking tours.  Many of my posts here will be filled of images of things I see when I’m out and about in the urban environment with my guests.

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