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Welcome to the neighborhood of Irvington!  Founded in 1870 as a streetcar suburb of Indianapolis, it has been an official part of Indy since annexation in 1902.

Irvington is 5 miles east of Downtown Indy

Irvington was named for the American author Washington Irving, and many of the streets bear the names of contemporary American cultural icons such as Hawthorne, Emerson, Whittier, Audubon, and Lowell.  You might also notice street names such as Campus Lane and University Avenue, because Irvington was also once the home of Butler University.

The Irvington city map a decade after its founding shows the romantic landscape plan in action

The neighborhood planners were fascinated with the American Romantic movement, and they designed the neighborhood to celebrate the mystical qualities of nature.  The streets follow the old stream patterns curving and winding through the area.  The house designs were taken straight from the fantasies of American architects, and when combined with interplay of the sunlight in the trees Irvington truly becomes a magical place.

The historic Benton House; owned and maintained by the community

In modern times Irvington has become the commercial center of the Eastside.  It’s prime location along E Washington Street and safe distance from the Interstate has made it easily accessible, well traveled, and yet still quiet enough for some streetlife to develop.

Audubon Circle is a social center and source of pride for the neighborhood
Halloween sees Irvington in good spirits as E Wash St is closed for a street festival
The neighborhood is walkable and transit friendly
Pennsy Trail provides an alternative transportation path through the neighborhood

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