Jim Walker

Jim Walker is an artist and writer interested in making and supporting creative, grassroots ideas and initiatives that improve Indianapolis. He and his family live Downtown and he helps with two non-profit cultural organizations: Big Car, an arts collective and gallery, and Second Story, a project for young writers. He’s the lead artist behind the Made for Each Other community art project that brings art to neighborhoods as a way to help (at least a little) improve the quality of life there.

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  • Jim,

    I’m a stay-at-home mom who’s been working part-time as a writer and tutor for several years. I’m now looking to get back into the “real” work world and I really want to be part of the effort to rebuild cities.

    I see from you column in the Star on Sunday that you’re really plugged in to urban Indy. So I’m hoping I could meet with you sometime and pick your brain.

    If you could let me know when and where would be good for you, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks.


  • Hi Jim! I am interested in interviewing you for an Indy Star article…and I cannot find contact information anywhere! Can you please email me?! Thank you!


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