Chris Corr

I am a Biomedical Engineer working in a laboratory that studies novel therapies for heart disease. When not trying to cure the world, I like to take note of the urban built environment — what’s good, what’s bad, what’s changing, what could be changed. In particular, I like to photograph the construction process, documenting the urban environment as it changes around us.

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  • Chris,

    I work for the firm that designed the Ohio St Rain Garden and pervious concrete sidewalk. We initially designed the project moving the sidewalk for safety reasons. We were told it would not get approved because this was the first time pervious concrete was being used in this fashion, and they did not want to do that many changes to the standard road/curb/sidewalk design in the manuals.

    I agree the project would be even better if the sidewalk were moved, but at least this is a start. Once designs like this prove they work, then the next battle comes along for things like moving the sidewalk.


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  • Hi Chris, I’ve noticed you write about the IUPUI area quite often. Have you ever thought about doing an article about the many many problems the Ransom Place Conservation District is dealing with? If you are interested I would like to talk to you about it. If so, please shoot me an email. Thanks!!!!

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