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  • You might want to check out Garfield Park and the North and South Garfield Park Neighborhoods. They are quite near to downtown, have some interesting homes and are right at 100 years old. The park it self is a jewel where I, my father and grandfather before me grew playing and swimming.

    • Garfield Park neighborhoods are fantastic an need loving homeowners! As a bike commuter who wanted a yard – this was an ideal place to live. Biking downtown often takes less time than riding the bus. And now with the bike lanes down Shelby and the Cultural Trail – I’m 100% comfortable making that ride. The park itself is part of my life: it’s where my husband and I were married, where we walk our dogs and now where my daughter hits the playground on a regular basis and less often, the pool. We love the playground, although I totally wish they would prohibit people from smoking (ON THE ACTUAL EQUIPMENT) and expect people to pick up their trash – but you cannot police everyone or expect equality in common sense. As my girl grows up – I hope to envolve her more in the Arts Center. Why there is not a farmer’s market in this park has always eluded me.

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