Broad Ripple

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Broad Ripple began life as an independent town in 1836, and was annexed to the city in 1922.  Broad Ripple has gone on to become the most widely known neighborhood in the city.  The business district is the place to go for a day of boutique shopping or a night on the town.  Given that fact, we intend to discuss issues and developments that could otherwise be missed in larger media outlets.

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  • Any thoughts on including midtown (as defined by Harmoni or other) as a neighborhood or giving attention to some of the sub-hoods in addition to what’s noted so far?

    I think we need to promote midtown, so-bro, butler, along with MK and Broad Ripple. This will help build the momentum that has already begun.

    Perhaps one day we’ll have downtown, uptown, midtown as one continuous chain of new urbanism!!


  • SoBro is a subdivision of Meridian Kessler, so I can’t list it for that reason. Any talk of SoBro will be linked in the M-K tabs.. I’ve thought about adding Butler-Tarkington, though.

  • What is So-Bro, oops I mean MK’s eastern boundary? I thought it was college but I’m hearing it’s the monon?

    Butler needs the help. Would be nice to see the areas immediately south start to improve.

    Love the blog!

  • MK’s NW corner is Meridian and Kessler. SW corner is 38th & Meridian. SE corner is 38th & Monon. NE corner is Monon & Kessler. Monon forms the entire eastern boundary.
    Sometimes confusing is that there is a “subset” of MK called Forest Hills, which is MK’s northeast corner. Its boundaries are Kessler & College, College & Northview, Northview & Monon, Monon & Kessler. See

  • Wow! Lived here my whole and never forest hills is part of MK. Cool! Currently in Oliver Johnson’s Woods; another MK subset.

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