Jason Larrison

Since the age of 4, when I used Monopoly houses and hotels to design a home for my Aunt Polly, I knew I would be an architect. Having been born and raised in Columbus, Indiana, I was surrounded by great design. I am a graduate of Ball State’s College of Architecture and Planning and have been practicing my profession for ten years. My passions include historic preservation, urban design, transit and transportation issues, and the general livability of neighborhoods. And the Indianapolis Colts. And really good craft beer.

I’m an unapologetic “cheerleader” for Indianapolis, quick to point out the great things that we have in this city. But while I’ll admit it’s shortcomings, I choose to view them as opportunities for Indy’s future.

My wife and I bought a 100 year old house in 2001 and raise our two kids and one dog there. It is located in the historic neighborhood of Irvington where I have been active in the design and planning of my neighborhood and my city. I live near an IndyGo bus route and bicycle lanes; I use both in my daily commutes downtown.

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