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Immediately to the south and east of IUPUI is the downtown portion of the Central Canal.  In the 1990s and 2000s, this 1.5 mile section of the canal was lowered and lined with concrete and walkways to create a unique linear urban park.  The canal can be roughly divided into two zones, separated at New York St.  South of New York St., the canal is lined with museums, the Indiana State Government Center, Military Park and White River State Park.  North of New York St., the canal becomes a de facto extension of the IUPUI campus, with four apartment complexes that house a large number of students, as well as several buildings that are either official campus structures or house campus-affiliated offices.

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  • Another failed project for downtown indy and the canal , A Kansas City Kansas developer had sought out to build a beautiful disney type hotel over the canal , The city couldnt make up its mind on this and another canal hotel , they both blew by , The talk of more resturants and shops along it and no action. These are just more super cools that indy has let slip by that would had looked and gone great for the downtown and the soon to be super bowl out of towners including those that had moved out of state and was back for the game and even to return home as some people move back to there home states or towns So come on indy rulers stop letting super cool projects that gives us even bigger status pass us by.

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