Curt Ailes

Curt riding the IMA Trolley on 100 Acres Opening Weekend
Curt riding the IMA Trolley on 100 Acres Opening Weekend

I am a product development engineer putting my skills to use on a daily basis figuring out what makes things work on a repeated basis. It is this analytic type of thinking that has drawn me to focus on how transportation systems are put together from a technical point of view as well as a spatial point of view. My experience is based on 17 years of post high school work with a 2 year degree in computer graphics, and currently in my senior year at IUPUI working towards a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. My free time is spent keeping up with my wife Casey Jo Ailes and my son Oscar (born in 4/2010). We like to take a lot of photographs!

Occasionally, I shoot photographs for my wife’s business, Figaro’s Studio.

My photographs have appeared in the Broad Ripple Gazette, Indianapolis Business Journal, The Statesman (Austin, TX),  Bicycle Times Magazine as well as various neighborhood publications and websites and IndyGo promotional materials.

I am the Urban Indy monthly wallpaper photographer as well.

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My civic activism includes:

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