Monthly archives: December, 2012

Former Irvington Post Office Saved

I was so happy to read this article yesterday on the former Irvington Post Office building, located at the corner Washington and Ritter.  This is excellent news for a building that has been threatened with demolition for years now: Hope everyone has had a safe and restful holiday season.

A Street has 2 Sides

Good urban design recognizes that the street has two sides.  It doesn’t separate people on one side from shops on the other.  Because in a world designed for automotive superiority, streets become barriers much too often. In short, a good street encourages jaywalking.

Irvington Streetscape, Part IV

Last Saturday, I finally had the opportunity to head over to Irvington to view their downtown area now that the major construction on the streetscape project has been completed.  The long-planned project has widened the sidewalks, added medians, and bricked up the main intersections for better pedestrian visibility. Sadly, the project isn’t a 100 percent …

Barton Tower Expansion: Socially Just?

Barton Tower Expansion underway (image credit: Curt Ailes)

Earlier this month, earth began moving on the property of the Barton Tower for what will be be construction of Phase 1 of the infill project surrounding the base of the 21 story monolithic tower that now stands there. Phase 1 of this project will include 61 affordable rate units financed by the sale of …