College Avenue Nodes: 46th Street Edition

This corner has remained pretty much unchanged for a good number of years. The farther south one goes on College, the more impact a game-changing project like a streetcar or even a rapid bus line could have.


One of the most interesting and older buildings in the neighborhood with its limestone facade and exterior cellar entrance.  It has been the home of Big Al’s Superstore for a number of years.


Home of Double 8 Foods, this corner building has been the location of a small grocery store since the 1930’s.  I took this photo of the building a few years ago for an article I wrote on the business.


This was a small gas station that has been demolished.  Mary Owens from the MKNA would like to see a neighborhood park here, which makes sense, as Meridian Kessler has no parks within its borders.  I would also support a mixed-use building, of course.


I neglected to take a  photograph of the Robinson AME church, so I will link to a photo on the church’s webpage.

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  • A park in that old lot would be amazing! I wonder how much remediation of the soil, etc, might be necessary. Perhaps MKNA can look to Midtown’s efforts with the Alice Carter Place Park to explore funding, planning and all the other necessary steps that lead to an actual change happening. Living next to a little park in Watson-McCord, I can’t overstate how much it improves the sense of community and life on our street. This part of MKNA would benefit from that energy.

  • Thank you for sharing the unique businesses, I think your right when talking about future potential concerning transportation routes.

  • AC Park was given to the City. No one has offered the noted property in a similar manner.

  • SWC of college and 46th is one of the few “big pieces” left in the corridor. Could serve as a mixed-use anchor of retail/office and residential and continue the push south to 38th ST.

    City and Neighborhood should give density and height bonus for adding public green space.

    Let’s get this baby back on the tax rolls and create more affordable housing. The diversity of MK is what makes midtown great. Let’s keep up the supply of good workforce/affordable housing!

    Full Disclosure: I’m an Oliver Johnson’s Woods Resident and this IS in my back yard and I want it!!!!!! 🙂

  • My daughter and her boyfriend just moved into a house behind Big Al’s. I saw the empty lot on the south west quadrant of 46th & College and thought that a community garden and small park would be great at that location.

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