Red Line Construction Update: 4/22

This week’s photos come from Jerome Horne, who shared some station construction on the near south side. The first one is on Virginia Street just across from Anthem:

Image Credit: Jerome Horne

And here’s a few photos farther south along Virginia in Fletcher Place:

Image Credit: Jerome Horne
Image Credit: Jerome Horne

I was also able to snag a quick photo of the new stop arms at College and 54th, with the special bus lights in the middle:

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

Elsewhere: This week’s IBJ Podcast about the new ownership of The Vogue in Broad Ripple mentioned how they are eager to embrace the new transit system. I’m glad to hear this, as I was worried when this IBJ tweet focused on parking instead. The Vogue is in an enviable location for the Red Line. The new ownership seems to grasp the great history of transit at this location.

Finally, the IndyGo e-mail blast:

As with all construction projects, the following forecast is subject to change. For more project details and a live construction map, visit
New This Week

Meridian Street:

  • On Monday, April 22, crews will set the station at 38th and Park beginning after morning rush at 9:00am.  The west-bound lanes will be closed at the station in order to safely erect the crane. The closures will last no later than 1:00pm.
  • Pavement patching will be occurring at locations along Meridian Street beginning May 6.
  • Night work will begin on or after May 13 for bus pad construction starting at the 18th Street intersection and proceeding North to 38th Street. Each station area and adjacent intersection will be closed overnight but open from 7:00am to 9:00pm. Work will last approximately 1 week with no weekend closures to take place.


College Avenue:

  • Parking continues to be restricted within construction areas but otherwise available to use. Please adhere to no parking signage where posted.
  • Construction will start on additional College Avenue station areas over the next several weeks. At each location, traffic will be shifted to the outside curb lanes to allow crews to work in the center of College Avenue. Turn lane restrictions will be in effect until construction of the station is complete. Anticipated dates of each station construction start are:
      •  Kessler Avenue – April 17
      • 54th Street – April 25
      • 52nd Street – April 29
      • 46th Street – April 25
      • 42nd Street – April 25

Capitol Avenue:

  • Drivers should expect temporary lane restrictions at localized work areas. Construction has started on bus pads. During the week of April 22, segments of Capitol Ave immediately adjacent to the stations will be reduced to a single lane to accommodate this work. This work will occur outside of the morning rush hour.
  • Short-term closures of one lane of Capitol Avenue will be necessary to set station structures (3-4 hours at each station). This work will take place outside of the morning and evening rush hours over the two weeks.

Shelby Street:

  • Station platform work along Shelby will necessitate closing one lane of Shelby for up to two hours at each station location. Flaggers will be used to direct traffic during these short-term closures. This work will begin at Hanna Avenue, continuing north.
  • Shelby Street will be resurfaced beginning on or after April 26. Drivers should expect intermittent lane closures and flaggers around paving crews.

Virginia Avenue:

  • Virginia Avenue will be resurfaced beginning on or after May 6. Drivers should expect intermittent lane closures and flaggers around paving crews.

38th Street:

  • A short-term closure (3-4 hours) of one lane of 38th Street will be necessary to set the station structure at Park Avenue. This work will take place outside of the morning and evening rush hours on or after April 22.

Maryland and Washington Streets

  • Bus lanes will be paved between Delaware Street and Capitol Avenue. Drivers should expect intermittent lane closures around paving crews.

More information and a list of FAQ’s about the acceleration is posted on the IndyGo website:


We are revising the email to give you even more easy-to-read information. For full details of our three-week projection of construction activities click here or learn about construction in specific corridors at the links below.  


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  • A question, and a suggestion. First, on a drive from dowmtown to Broad Ripple this past Satirday night, we essentially followed the route of the Red Line and wondered what the night lighting of the transit stations will be? Street lighting alone doesn’t provide much coverage of the stations, leading me to fear vehicles crashing into dark stations. Second, does anyone know if IndyGo is going to partner with employers and restaurants/bars to offer employees and patrons discounted BRT fares to boost ridership? In many cities such programs – especially by larger employers – help convince drivers to leave their cars at home and “incentivize” transit usage. I would hope IndyGo does it here.

  • This is a great idea.

  • If the Redline intends to have extended hours of operation there needs to be a personal safety component as well to encourage ridership. Larger communities that have bus/metro or both have transit police.

  • How late will it run? Having a transit cop also circulating on the buses very late at night would be a deterrent for bad and potentially criminal behavior.

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