The First Proposed Attempt to Tame Lafayette Square’s Sprawl

Lafayette Square has long piqued my interest for its variety of international restaurants. However, it is not the most visually attractive of landscapes, and is dominated by single-use commercial buildings and parking lots. There is an interesting rezoning request that aims to alter the dynamic, a few parcels at a time. The case starts on page 12 of the linked document.

First, a look at the property as it currently exists. A typical old suburban land use pattern. But, it has one interesting feature: Little Eagle Creek along the eastern portion of it:

Image Credit: DMD

The land use plan in the document is obviously a best case scenario put forth by an ambitious developer and designer. They aim to utilize the Little Eagle Creek as a future asset. Not coincidentally, this project is proposed by the director of Reconnecting our Waterways.

Image Credit: DMD

Some might dispute the need for a parking garage in a land filled with parking lots, but perhaps if it’s built, other projects that would come along would be able to utilize the garage. Also, the bulk of the property sits in a 500 year flood zone, so it might be difficult for them to go underground with the parking:

Image Credit: Map Indy

A mixed use project containing office, residential, and retail would be an interesting one to follow. The ambition is undeniable. Now we will have to see about the execution.

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  • Glad to see this occurring there. Kudos!

  • Me gusta. That area looks like a scene out of dawn of the dead. This would be great for them. this or they can take the justice center that is getting shoved into my neighborhood.

  • Gotta start somewhere!

  • Having seen that area transition from a vibrant commercial area from the late 1980s to OMG this should be razed and the fields salted I welcome any potential redevelopment. Hopefully this project can be the catalyst for a rebirth.

  • I see something like this for Irvington Plaza. If the owner ever sells.

    • You mean if he’s ABLE to sell? because it’s been on the market for awhile. The price isn’t bad either but that area isn’t that great.

      • Do you have a source showing that the Plaza is on the market? I live in Irvington and my understanding has long been consistent with what Todd says. My information is secondhand, but I also can’t find any evidence that the Plaza is for sale.

      • I’m always hesitant to mention a public-private partnership, but the Irvington Plaza might be a good place for one. That area isn’t too bad, but it needs a good jump start for an urban oriented redevelopment.

      • Irvington Plaza is not for sale. At least not publically. The parcel next to it, where the Mexican restaurant is located is for sale and has been for a couple years.

  • — I’m thinking that would be a good corner to put a well lit Police Station.

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