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Time for a few links.

  • I’ve added a new blog called Go Indy Go. Also, a new website called Streets of Indy. Be sure to check out the photo galleries.
  • Have any readers shopped at Green Way Supply? We need a new front door and I was wondering about their products.
  • WITT, a community radio station, hopes to hit the airwaves in March. I have high hopes for this.

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  • Hey Kevin, love your blog, and I’m going to link to it soon on my new page on Sustainable food for Examiner.com: http://www.examiner.com/x-2296-Indianapolis-Sustainable-Food-Examiner

    Please keep me posted on anything related! Your blog always gives me good info.

  • Thank you, and good stuff. If anyone would like to see that in link form, it is here.

  • Thanks for the add of Go Indy Go. I really enjoy what you write, keep up the good work.

  • Hey there. I have been to Green Way supply, just walked through to see what they had. I liked it. Lots of items I wouldn’t think of being green. they can also order green stuff through their vendors for you. Can’t remember seeing any doors. They are very helpful though in looking for stuff.

    Also, I posted about turning LS Mall into an International Marketplace about a month ago on the IBJ blog. I wrote about it again on the most recent posting about Macy’s. I’m looking for the link I found where something like this has already occurred elsewhere in the states. If I find it I will provide it to you.

  • It should be designed as an International Marketplace. I’d love to see it become a destination that could help that area!

  • Amazing that in the 21st Century we’re (in essence) promoting the return of the ancient market/bazaar space.

  • Mike and Phil, I like the minor groundswell behind our idea.

    Thunder, I love me some bazaars. I’ve been to the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Even though I didn’t buy a thing, I still dug it.

  • bazaars don’t necessarily work for “american goods and purchased products” But for independent ethnic food and products, this style of ‘selling’ is the only method that international travelers and immigrants know and are comfortable with.

    I was planning on pitching this idea to the mall owners, but not sure if it should go to them (the idea) or to Ballard, or both.

  • Interestingly, MikeW, the news was full of stories on “how to bargain” during the holidays.

    We had an international-style Bazaar at Keystone Crossing in the 1980’s. It was torn down to build more “real mall” when Duke sold the property to the Simons.

  • We are so glad to see that others are thinking that an international marketplace would be perfect for Lafayette Square Mall. We hope that happens.

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