IHPC Quick Hits, October 19th

The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission staff reports usually make for interesting viewing for people interested in urban infill proposals coming through the city. The latest one features at least 3 projects of interest to Urban Indy.

Ransom Place:

A reprisal of the development that I reported on during our last IHPC quick hits post, the proposal at Martin Luther King and St. Clair has been downsized a bit, but the overall project quality looks improved:

ransom2 ransom1

St. Joseph:

A major victory here, as the new proposed 5 story building will have walk-up apartments and retail in place of interior parking. My previous post on the proposal is here.

stjoesite stjoe1 stjoe2

Chatham Arch:

This one is more of a setback for infill, as a condo development proposal that was scrapped during the last recession has been replaced by a huge single family house. This is located at East and Walnut, just a block from Massachusetts Avenue:

chatham2 chatham1

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  • The giant single-family house in Chatham-Arch is a pretty big downer, given the relatively small houses and apartment/condo buildings in the area and its proximity to Mass Ave. But, it’s better than the empty lot that sits there now.

    • Even prettied up, that 3 car garage will look weird in context next to the small old house.

    • I agree with Kevin, that garage will look terrible next to the old house. Even in the renderings, the garage looks like an afterthought. This should be denied solely based on the fact that this proposal does not create the same repetition as the other row houses on this stretch of Walnut, in my opinion.

  • Great news on the St Joe development. Kevin, any idea of a project timeline for that?

  • What a shame about the Walnut/East intersection…bringing McMansions to the heart of downtown.

    Obviously, with both a three-car garage AND an elevator (!) these people have some deep pockets.

    You’d think they’d recognize themselves, being rich and all, that a smarter, higher, and better use of the land would give them a greater return on their investment. Especially considering this is right along the Cultural Trail.

    Sigh…you can’t win them all. At least it’s fairly well designed. And most of the other approvals on this report seem pretty great.

  • Jeeez, that ransom project has no chance. Donnelly not with the crazies living in that neighborhood right now. Sinfully ugly project though. Good news about the st joe project but too bad that mcmansion is going up. Oh well.

  • Can’t get excited about the Chatham Arch home at all. That lots begs for something other than a huge single-family home. Couldn’t these folks have bought one of the gigantic units just built on the south side of Real Silk?

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