IHPC Quick Hits, October 8th

It has been about 2 years since the last quick hits post, but infill keeps happening, so here’s some of the proposals that Indianapolis Historic Preservation Commission has been hearing recently:

The biggest news recently was the approval of the Fire Fighter’s Credit Union Proposal. Fortunately, they have downsized the proposed parking lot to make room for a future art space fronting College Avenue. I wish this new lot didn’t have a curb cut along St. Clair, and instead used the existing alley. However, I will accept that their compromise is an improvement. Linked below is the image of the 2 parking lot renderings side-by-side.


Next, 2 new house proposals in Lockerbie Square. Some of Indy’s most valuable real estate continues to be popular. Note how thin the lot is for the second proposal.

House 1:


House 2:


House proposal in Herron-Morton Place on Pennsylvania Street:


An apartment proposal in Ransom Place. Not too exciting. It is tough for anything of urban form to be placed along this stretch of road, though.


Finally, discussion of the Food Truck market proposal in Fountain Square:


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