Indy Rezone Moves to Full Council


Quietly, amidst wincing about our local pro football team, a City County Council Committee passed Indy Rezone on to the full Council last night. The council vote will take place next Monday, September 28th. For more on Indy Rezone, check out our past articles on the effort, or put or zoning hat and check out the massive PDF from the Department of Metropolitan Development. Indy appears to be on the doorstep of some positive incremental changes, which should be made easier with a more flexible and modern zoning code.

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  • This better happen. I’m already dreaming of a new garage with a granny flat.

  • “The depth of the sidewalk café as enclosed by a fence, wall, or barrier shall not be
    greater than 50% of the depth of right-of-way extending between the back of curb (or
    pavement edge) to the lot line.”

    Would still like to see an overlay placed on the Cultural Trail and how outdoor seating is treated. While there is technically a 4′-5′ path of travel, I don’t think it’s justified that places like South of Chicago Pizza and Dugout can take up majority of the public pedestrian ROW. Difficult to enforce but there should be greater thought to this.

  • This is really good news.

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