Downtown Indy Construction Tour

There are so many projects happening downtown that Urban Indy has decided that it is time again for a construction-based walking tour. The last time a walk like this was hosted, it was organized by Chris Corr on his blog a year before Urban Indy consolidated forces.

This time, we’ll meet on Washington Street, across from the Downtown Transit Center, located at 200 East Washington Street. The time and date is set for Sunday September 13, at 3 o’clock pm. The Colts are playing at the Bills, so they’ll be on the road if your are curious about how that may impact downtown.

The route will continue south from this spot, heading towards the new YMCA and Fletcher Place before heading east and back north. About halfway through the tour, we will again pass near the transit center in case anyone needs to finish the tour at this time.

The second leg of the tour will proceed to the north and east through Lockerbie Square and Chatham Arch, before convening at MacNivens for a well-earned adult beverage. Then we will continue south back towards the Transit Center. The route is shown below, along with a few other notable projects that are off of the official route:


We hope to have a good turnout for this event. There will be some knowledgeable people attending that may be able to add in some information for the walkers.  See you on Sunday September, 13th.

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