Circle City Industrial Complex: Key Cog in the Other Mass Ave

The massive Circle City Industrial Complex, located at Massachusetts and 10th Street, is under new ownership, which is looking to breathe life into both the building and the surrounding neighborhood. They have release a pdf, which explains the proposal in detail.  The project will open up a portion of the currently vacant southern third for studios and a possible restaurant, which this portion of Massachusetts Avenue lacks.

A broad view of the neighborhood can be seen below. Notice that there appears to be a call to redevelop much of the industrial portion of Mass Ave, as well as needed attention to surrounding neighborhoods:


Other key slides are seen below, which show the scale of this building and a few specific ideas:


There is a possibility of extending a portion of the proposed Pogue’s Run Trail indoors, which will be called the Maker’s Trail:





East 10th Street has been seeing some attention lately, and this project could help bridge the gap between the commercial area and downtown. The large area to the north of this building remains an even larger challenge, which can only be tackled through investment to increase the population of both residents and workers. This looks to be a good start.

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  • You know, that indoor section of the trail is kind of cool, but I think that people feel safer when they are visible and aren’t enclosed. I know that riding through this indoor area in the evening when it is dusk and no one is around would be very intimidating. Urban designers have been deriding London’s recent contest winner over a similar thing:

    That small complaint aside, this complex will be amazing. Indy Fab is doing great things here already. All that’s left to do is remove the Split and reconnect that section of Mass Ave to the section south of 10th St.

    BTW, the Split is being shutdown for three months AGAIN. Un-bleeping-believeable.

  • As someone who lives in Cottage Home, directly south of this project, I think this plan is spot on. I like the connections to the neighborhoods surrounding the plant. This will also significantly alter 10th and Mass Ave, considering this building on the north, and the new Stenz development across the street at 10th and Dorman. Good things are happening! Good luck to Teagen.

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