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Asking the tough questions about transit in the city of Indianapolis

Illinois Street Buffered Bike Lane – Photo

Illinois St Buffered Lane (image credit: Jamison Hutchins)

If you have traveled the stretch of Illinois Street north of 16th street that is being repaved, you have undoubtedly observed that new lines have been painted on the new pavement. We previously reported that this would be the site of Indy’s first buffered bike lane and true to that, the new striping reflects that! Jamison …

Update: Indy’s First Bike Boxes

71st Street Bike Box - Now Painted (image credit: Indy DPW)

The following photos were received from DPW this morning. These were taken at 71st & Cross Key but the idea is the same for all 3 boxes on the north side bike route. We previously reported on these and how they were not painted. The unpainted box is shown below from our original report. According …

Indy’s First Bike Box

73rd Street Bike Box (image credit: Curt Ailes)

North Side drivers who use 73rd Street have undoubtedly seen these new pavement markings and wondered, “What are they and what am I suppose to do?” These new striping patterns are Indianapolis’ first Bike Boxes. What are bike boxes? According to the DPW’s Bike Boxes website (they actually created a dedicated site to talk about …

Construction to Begin on West 71st & N College Bikeway

71st Street Bike Lane (image credit: Indy DPW)

The 2013 construction season is well underway and I have recently reported on two exciting cycling projects that are underway which will significantly increase the amount of nice cycling facilities with the Fall Creek Trail Extension and the Illinois Street Buffered Bike Lane. They are however, not the only interesting projects going on around town …

Buffered Bike Lane coming to Illinois Street

Fall Creek Trail Extension & Illinois St Buffered LanesFall Creek Trail Extension & Illinois St Buffered Lanes

Recently, a massive pile of praise was heaped upon Indianapolis civic leadership with the opening of the Cultural Trail and the soon to come B-Cycle Bike Share. National critics weighed in from many corners finally giving credit where it is due to Indianapolis and the progressive cycling infrastructure finally being implemented here. Fresh off of …

A Comprehensive Transportation Proposal for Central Indiana

Binford Blvd (image credit: Curt Ailes)

Envision vast parkways where automobile traffic flows smoothly. Where congestion is a thing of the past and commuters can get to work with minimal interruptions from secondary streets. Imagine that you will never be mired in a traffic jam the likes of which north-siders who commute downtown currently experience on a daily basis. If you …