Red Line Construction: 6/4/2019

Our guest photo this week comes from contributor Andy Arenson, who sent me a shot of 22nd and Meridian:

Image Credit: Andy Arenson

Here are some photos near 52nd and College. The triangular diverter is now placed in the street on 51st Street:

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

There are still a ton of utility poles in the sidewalks after this project. A bummer, but at least people should be able to get around them in the future.

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner
Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

Here was the preliminary station last week. It’s more complete now, but I don’t have photos of it:

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

Here’s IndyGo’s email for the week:

College Avenue:

  • Pavement patching will continue on College Ave through mid-June. Drivers should expect temporary lane restrictions and parking restrictions at localized work areas as pavement sections are repaired. Pavement resurfacing will begin on or after June 17 on College Avenue.
  • Starting the week of June 3, one-block segments of College Avenue will be closed adjacent to each station location to allow bus pads to be constructed. These closures will start at the 42nd Street station on or after June 3 and will continue north. One station area will be under construction each day. Closures will begin at approximately 7am and end by 8pm the same day. A tentative schedule is below:
    • 42nd Street station on June 3
    • 46th Street station on June 4
    • 52nd Street station on June 5
    • 54th Street station on June 6
    • Kessler station on or after June 10
    • Broad Ripple station on or after June 11

Meridian Street:

  • Overnight work will move to the week of June 10 for the last areas if bus pad construction on Meridian Street. Each station area and adjacent intersection will be closed for one overnight and open the next morning by 7:00am to 8:00pm.
  • Meridian Street will be re-paved between 18th Street and 38th Street. This work will begin on or after June 17.

Capitol Avenue:

  • Capitol Avenue will be re-paved from Washington Street to 18th Street. This work will begin on or after June 3 and will take approximately 2 weeks. There will be intermittent lane closures and flaggers around paving crews. On-street parking will be restricted in work zones. One travel lane will remain open with flaggers assisting drivers.
  • Starting on or after June 10, a half-block section of Walnut Street will be closed immediately east of Capitol Ave for up to 5 days. The Indianapolis Cultural Trail will remain open through this intersection. Walnut Street will remain open at Illinois and Muskingum Streets.

Shelby Street:

  • Pavement markings will be installed on Shelby Street beginning this week. There will be flaggers, as well as intermittent lane closures, traffic restrictions, and diversions impacting traffic around the striping crews. This work will continue through approximately June 10.


Virginia Avenue:

  • Paving on Virginia Avenue will wrap up this week. There will be intermittent lane closures and flaggers around paving crews. On-street parking will be restricted in work zones. One travel lane will remain open with flaggers assisting drivers, and the Indianapolis Cultural Trail will remain open.
  • One lane will be temporarily restricted at the New Jersey Street stations this week for concrete work on the platforms. Flaggers will be used to direct traffic through the remaining open lane and around the work zones. This will take place on or after June 3.
  • New pavement markings will be placed on Virginia Avenue beginning on or after June 5. This work is expected to be completed in one week with short-term lane restrictions around work areas..

Illinois Street

  • Signal modifications are underway at locations along Illinois Street. Traffic impacts are not expected, however, minor parking and sidewalk impacts could be necessary.
  • 30th Street
  • Curb and sidewalk work will begin on 30th Street on or after June 3, requiring some lane restrictions.

More information and a list of FAQ’s about the acceleration is posted on the IndyGo website: 

Comments 9

  • College finally reached the point where I _actually_ had to drive somewhere else, with closures this week. My only disappointment was that I didn’t get to drive by the stations under construction!

  • Ugh. Seriously, spending tens of millions on upgrading the street and transit access, and there is STILL a pole in a sidewalk?

    Epic fail.

  • Since the buses can’t travel the distance promised the manufacturer promises charging stations. I’m curious how that’s going to work. I haven’t heard anything from Indygo. They have to get this right to get future support and buy in. Why not just use a different bus?

    • BYD has agree to pay and install three remote charging points at no cost to Indygo. China has over 300,000 electric buses(America more like 300), think American’s can figure it out sooner or later.

  • Well they are getting charging stations at the end of each line that will wirelessly charge the bus while the drive takes their break. It sounds like the buses are only missing their targets when the temperature is down in the 20s and below. That is disappointing but at least they had an extreme low of like -14 this year to test and get a feel for the entirety of the situation.

    They can’t use existing buses because they need doors on both sides due to platform alignment. It is also not practical at this point to order different buses because the lead time will likely be many months.

  • Waste of time money!

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