Red Line Construction Update: 4/29

Something that has been undersold with all of the drama and intrigue regarding the Red Line BRT is the amount of new sidewalk and curb construction. This will ultimately help the project be more successful. We could always do more in this area, but it certainly helps the usefulness of the transit project. One major new sidewalk is in front of Moe and Johnny’s at 54th and College:

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner
Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

What was once a dangerous driving surface is now a safe public walking path. There is no curb cut along this stretch of College Avenue.

Elsewhere, blog reader and City County Council candidate Justin Harter has sent me a photo of a Capitol Avenue bus station at 9th Street:

Image Credit: Justin Harter


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  • Totally agree. I’ve supported the project from the start, in no small measure because of the infrastructure work like the new sidewalks and curbs in front of Moe & Johnny’s. It’s a huge improvement.

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