New Proposal for Fountain Square

Another day, another Milhaus proposal. This is proposed to be located in Fountain Square, just east of Shelby on Prospect Street. The adjacent vacant lot to the east is the proposed new location of IFD Station 3. Thoughts?




Site Plan


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  • The uppermost projections are odd. They don’t appear to be functional in any way. Are they simply to hide HVAC components on the roof?

  • Ok… I don’t get it. It’s not particularly attractive. And why do they plan on having two apartment projects catty corner to eachother because they own the value world site now too.

    • Hey, t, Any frame of reference for what you do find attractive in the 4-story, wood-framed apartment category?

      • It’s nice to see new development in the city, but they all have the same boxy style, with, brick, wood, metal. This is not just Indy. I was in Seattle, and the same is going on there. It would just be nice to see some variety.

      • top half of 747, circa, hinge, slate, ironworks (even though it’s fake), coil is ok if a little generic, 707 north is ok, illinois place apts, i love lockerbie lofts (michigan st side not so much college, monon lofts are… ok, the MK on college seems nice from what i’ve gleaned and that’s also milhaus, i love cityway, most of axis is well done, busch stadium apartments and their phases are pretty ok, i like millikin on mass even though they wasted that corner and they went a lil too generic but at least it’s inoffensive and they did a pretty good job at pedestrian level, most of the proposals for the coke plant were pretty nice though i preferred the ones from the company that wasn’t selected that had some more modern ideas, elements of canal 9 are decent.

        the crap projects are the two proposals on prospect st, library square, artistry (all phases), phase 2 of cityway, lux on capitol, the south side of canal 9, the annex, the goodwill apartments, the vue (or anything by HKP), the tyler (the one with all the shootings), people hate mozzo but it doesn’t really bother me, bad masonry though.

        sorry for the late reply, and i don’t hate this project as much anymore, its a fart in a hurricane but i hate that they have apartments on the ground floor taking up what should be commercial. I mean it’s prospect st, it’s a commercial corridor.

  • also is only half of the prospect side retail? they’re just gonna make a deadzone like that?

  • I’m going to evaluate this based on the 8 design principles. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know where to start.

    Balance: none of the sections are balanced, which can be good, but not in this case (more explanation in summary)

    Unity:I don’t know of any places in Indy this would feel unified with the surrounding neighborhood

    Contrast: Okay, it definitely has that.

    Movement: My eye naturally flows across the lower brick sections, but the seemingly random staggering of windows above almost makes me feel seasick. Fred and Ginger is a much better example of how to stagger windows, but the texture of its facade ($$$) is really what makes that building work.

    Harmony: In brick: yes. In siding: no

    Proportion/scale:4 stories lightly set back from the street seems quite nice. Bravo!

    Rhythm:Only in the brick section, it may not be a bad building to stroll past on the sidewalk.

    Summary: The random staggering of windows in the upper facade with siding appear to have no meaningful design purpose. Getting rid of those would be a major improvement. The lack of balance is another big issue. Balance can be off to create hierarchy, but in that case, I don’t understand why the brick does not ascend on both sides of the front corner shown in the first perspective. Also the entrance being pulled back from the street and hidden on the front side is also a bit confusing. It doesn’t say “welcome home!”, but maybe that’s just because they wanted a “resident courtyard” for the dog owners to utilize without having to walk far outside.

    I know I’m being a bit harsh, but I really don’t care for the design.

  • All for Milhaus bringing all the private equity into the local economy. I thought I heard somewhere around a half a billion from another part of the country. The number can be verified by searching Inside Indiana Business.

  • Same crap different day from Milhaus. What is up with army barrack buildings from this group. Bringing the vinyl jungle motif to urban settings

  • We already have the ugly, overpriced apartments by the Police Department. A new Fire Station will be built also?

  • I think this is quite nice and somewhat cool as well, and changes and adds a broad ripple style look and fill to this area as well,( uppity image)

  • Joe, the renderings show a first floor that almost looks like it would have to be something other than residential. Do you know if that’s going to be retail or office?

    • Likely just a building management and leasing office. Per the petition, less than 5% of the structure would be dedicated to non-residential uses.

  • Way better looking than the police station apartments, they look terrible…

  • Love the proposal but not the design. It would look 100000% better if it was all brick and normal sized windows throughout.

  • A+ Love it, the design has movement, uniqueness, change of material and will tie to historic buildings with the brick and a tie to modern buildings with the fiber cement siding. Love the different facade planes and not just a cube building.

    Love there huge alleys behind there building on 900 block of Fletcher Ave.

  • The discussion of the window variety reminds me of McMansion discussions.

    Overall, I’d give this project a resounding “meh.” I like the colors but the parapets just look ridiculous. I’m assuming, from a squinty quick glance, they might be going for the Parisian roof look, but it really isn’t even close enough to count.

    I guess I assumed an influx of money would mean stepping up their game on quality since they could finance longer time horizons (say 50-100 year lifespan instead of 15-20).

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