Delaware and Fall Creek Redesign Project Opens Public Space

Seven years ago, I posted a short article on an opportunity for a better intersection at Delaware and Fall Creek. A few years later, plans were released for a redesign, which basically brought back the original street grid of the neighborhood. Thankfully this project is now completed, and the 2 swooping curved drives have been eliminated. Here’s how the streets looked in 2010. Note the lack of sidewalks and crosswalks across Fall Creek Boulevard:

Source: MapIndy

And here’s how it looked earlier this year, while it was still under construction:

Source: IndyGIS

Basically the intersection is now simplified. Instead of 3-4 choices for drivers going north on Delaware, they have 2 lanes for the popular right turn onto Fall Creek Boulevard, and 1 lane for going straight or turning left. There are now 2 southbound lanes on the bridge, which connects to one way southbound Pennsylvania Street:

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

This simplification has to be helpful for anyone wishing to cross this street on foot. I’d think the left lane going north would also be the better route for cyclists, as Delaware turns into a one way street going south at 28th Street. That means that anyone going north in a vehicle likely won’t be going too fast anyways:

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

As expected, this project opened up huge swaths of land which used to be pavement. This first image shows the constructed sidewalk path that replaces the asphalt that used to head towards Talbot Street, which now leads to a future art pedestal:

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner
Image Credit: Kevin Kastner
Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

This is a project which helps give public space back to the citizens. Could some of this space been sold off and developed into housing, so that the city could collect property tax revenue? In my opinion, yes. Once something as popular as a park is established, pity the future plan for development that would sell it off. This park will be here to stay for years. However, this is certainly a marked improvement over what was here before.

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  • Now so this at Morris and east.

  • Long overdue and a welcome addition to this neighborhood.

  • I recently drive through this new configuration, and noticed that the boarded-up building seen in the upper le-hand corner of the fourth photo has a “public hearing” sign out front. Anyone know what is being planned?

    • It’s a project called Fall Creek Flats that will have 47 units. It’s proposed to be two 4-story buildings oriented toward 28th St between Talbott and Delaware.

      The hearing sign you saw is old and probably still sitting there because nobody could easily get to the site to take it down with all the construction around. The developer received variances for the project back in 2016 and have been working on getting financing since then. Last I heard they were close.

  • Kevin, please note that this is an original part of the Kessler Park and Boulevard System. It would have been extremely difficult to sell it off for development.

    Instead, by creating an amenity for the under-utilized land around it, it is likely that significantly more-dense redevelopment will occur nearby.

  • The new intersections and crosswalks are open, and the new gateway structure (“Silverfall”) is being installed as I write this!

  • Well since the guys over at skyscraper city page have decided to use the Indy development thread for streets,train and buses news, I can only rant here by telling you guys it’s now more exciting to view the fort Wayne, Bloomington, South Bend, Evansville and Columbus Ohio development news and photo updates than it is looking at the stupid Indy development thread I wish someone could type and post this to the Indy thread Thanks if you can.

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