New Proposal for Long-Delayed Hotel near Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

There’s been a hotel proposed for this property for at least a decade. Seriously. It popped back up again 2 years ago. Still, nothing has been built on this valuable surface lot at the corner of Georgia and Pennsylvania Streets. However, it’s a significant enough of a proposal that the latest iteration deserved a post all its own. The Indy Historic Preservation Committee has posted the renderings and site plan, which can be seen below:

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I’m happy that most of the garage will not front the main streets, and that it will at least include street-level retail. Kinda sad that they can’t find a way to reuse the entire Omega Building. It will be interesting to see if this proposal can get more traction than the other ones had previously.


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  • hell to the yes! fits in with its context without being so traditional, nothing remarkable architecturally but still a huge plus and it’s tall.. .ish.!!

  • wait a minute, the parking garage has absolutely nothing but a big blank facade on that prominent street? yeah no…. no you are not. Put retail there, it’s not an alley don’t treat it as such. and would it kill ya to dress up the facade of the parking garage a bit?

    Jesus that is such a terrible garage. But the hotel is fine.

    • There is retail in the garage. But, it is pretty dang tall and unattractive. Wish they could go more underground with most of it.

      • Hydrogeology: Pogue’s Run Box Culvert (the main storm drain for downtown) is just a block to the south, and maybe 12-15 feet underground there. Rainwater won’t drain uphill out of a parking garage pit. Circle Centre garage only has 2 short levels underground for the very same reason.

      • I was mistaken i see that the building doesn’t take up that entire parking lot, I don’t really have an issue with this anymore.
        I thought the building went all the way to the edge of maryland based on the elevation.

        Still not an attractive garage but…. I’ll bite.

        • Yeah, I gotta imagine that the surface lot on the corner of Maryland and Penn will eventually get something on it. I’m ok with a blank wall because then whatever gets built on the corner won’t have to run up against ruined views.

      • Is the city on the hook for any of this??

  • I like it. Other comments have addressed my concerns as well, but I really like the street level feel of this that should significantly add to the urban feel of this intersection. It’ll bring added walkability to the area by providing at least 2 more destinations to get to for the average person: a restaurant and retail space. I think it fits design-wise and proportionately in the space. Let’s get this built with some improvements to the parking garage facade not being so street-level pedestrian experience killing.

  • Looks nice, what would happen to the harness lofts ramp to underground level? I can’t see from the site plan but it looks like they will just over build it?

    • based on the scribbled first level plan it looks like it shifts to have an alley entrance which is better than what exists right now.

  • I like it and am glad that they are at least saving some of the Omega building — you’re right it’s too bad they aren’t using the whole thing, but better than a facadectomy. Wonder if this style of glass and terra cotta and steel plate will look as dated in 20 years as the Pan Am tower does now, though.

    • Overall I like this, but that roof line already looks dated. Give me a better design for the top of this thing and I’d be happier. Otherwise, glad to see this in the pipeline. Hopefully it gets done this time.

      • There’s not really an angle from which someone would see that roofline except maybe the new CityWay midrise or high up the Pan Am Plaza building. From the street you’re looking up 15 stories, and with the street wall on Georgia there aren’t really going to be long views of it.

      • Looks like the deck of a Russian aircraft carrier. Silly..

  • Does anyone know if there’s a hotel tenant yet planned for the Illinois Building? I saw Hyde Park and Giordano’s at the street level but there doesn’t even seem to be a clear-cut hotel entrance, let alone a brand.

  • Any news on the 21c Hotel/OCH Renovation? Haven’t heard anything else besides funding being an issue

  • 21c isn’t coming now. The city and 21c couldn’t agree on funding. The Alexandria is the best comparison

  • Suppose to be a twin tower hotel built on th pan am plaza. Wish indy would build a signature building that’s bold with a modern architecture. 2021 indy will be the site of the NBA ALLSTAR games. This would also help for any future super bowl games

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