August 2015 Desktop Wallpaper

It’s been over a year since Urban Indy had a Desktop Wallpaper. Curt Ailes has been in Portland since that time, and his photography and photoshop skills have yet to be replaced for us. This is our first attempt at rekindling the tradition, taken on a perfect summer day last week by yours truly. Urban Indy blogger Joe Smoker helped me out by putting the calendar and logo stamp below it. We will happily accept future submissions to the desktop wallpaper tradition.

This photo is a square as it was post-processed via Instagram, but it makes a lot more sense for a wallpaper than it did when it was shot as a portrait via my phone. I personally like a little bit of blank space on the sides of my desktop, but your mileage may vary. A slightly larger version of the edited photo can be seen here.

This marks the 1000th post published on Urban Indy. That’s 1000 posts on a website with zero advertisements, and a focus on informative content. I think that’s a good milestone to mention. Thanks for reading, commenting, and sharing. Also, thanks to Streetsblog, which was my main source of inspiration for starting the website.

Enjoy the wallpaper:
August 2015

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