Farewell, Market Square Arena Parking Lots

The buzz behind the 2 major projects on the former Market Square Arena parking lots has built to a point to where the only question appears to be the date for groundbreaking. Thus, it is appropriate to bid a farewell to some of the worst parking lots in Indy. These projects will get us closer to the achievable goal of ridding the mile square of massive lots.

Photo Credit: Graeme Sharpe
Photo Credit: Graeme Sharpe

I’ve walked down Market Street on a too-narrow sidewalk almost every day for these past 15 years, wondering if the time would ever come that it would be anything other than asphalt. I believe the sidewalk will be widened, and Market Street, which is wider than it needs to be for 2 blocks, will also undergo a much needed streetscape enhancement along with these developments. Much more remains to be done in this area, but this is a big step for the fledgling Market East district.

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