New Proposal at 718 N College Avenue

This is an update of the previous case by Milhaus to construct a new apartment complex in the Chatham Arch neighborhood. That case has been withdrawn, and a new proposal has been filed for a possible restaurant and bar with rooftop seating. A few renderings are shown below:collegemass3 collegemass1 collegemass2

This looks to be a nice proposal that makes good use of the existing structure.

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  • Hm. Why bother with a huge false front? Oh well, better than knocking it down.

  • I wondered that as well. Probably the easiest thing to quibble with in this project.

  • I don’t mind the front. I like that you will be able to peer out the arched windows from the rooftop dining area. A nice preservation touch, I think.

    Also, blah blah blah, convert College to two ways, yakkity yak. /brokenrecord

    I was helping out over at the old St Joseph’s church. One of my neighbors is going to be opening a brewery there. Brew tanks on the pulpit area with dining in the congregation area. Very cool set up. This area is poised to really turn the corner if they can get College reconfigured.

  • Oh, my mistake. The facade will be a new addition. Still like it in any case. Matches the back section.

  • Glad IHPC held out here. This is a nice option. And I lke how the facade height will give this building a bit more stature in relation to what is around it. Seems appropriate.

  • ahow628, my interpretation of drawings is that the 2nd store “false front” is being added to the existing building. The existing parking area to the north will also have a “false front” screen that will separate the new outdoor seating area from the Cultural Trail. Kind of curious as to the need for all the “false fronts,” but over, I like it better than the apartment building they were proposing. This is much more in scale with the surrounding area and the Cultural Trail.

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