New Downtown Student Housing Proposal

A significant new student housing proposal has been filed with the Department of Metropolitan Development. This will be located at Michigan and Capitol, and the lot is currently almost all surface parking. This will help in bridging the gap between downtown and IUPUI.










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  • I saw this and said WOW,if they approve of this they are really taking Indy to the next level with design and height,I also hope ballard is still in office as he is really into stuff like this and would assist if asked.This along with the msa,jwm.and a few other new and proposed developments shows developers are finally stepping up their game when it comes to design and height, again WOW.

  • Is it just me, or will they be vacating Kankakee Street (one of the alleys)?

  • Looks like Kankakee would be gone in this plan.

  • Mostly 4-bedroom apartments geared toward students…with 666 total beds added, this is definitely a significant development…there is so much pent up demand for near campus living that you probably don’t even need to throw any subsidies for the parking garage.

  • Wow, this is amazing. Love the wrap around for the garage. Are you seeing this, One America?

    The high speed one ways in this area are STILL a problem.[/brokenrecord]

  • With Michigan one-way westbound, one unfortunately wouldn’t see the best elevation of the ‘tower’ driving by the project. Too bad. As far as the broken record goes, I second it. We need two way streets, narrower travel lanes, and a 25mph max speed limit in the mile square.

    • There is a parking garage already at the corner of Michigan and Illinois, so the traffic is going to already see that, so I don’t think the elevation of this building from that aspect is too important for now. Maybe if that parking garage gets replaced in the future (ha!) it may become more visible.

    • Actually there already is a 25 MPH speed limit in the mile square. Speed limit on Meridian Street is 25 MPH heading south past north Street and on all the one way streets too.
      Now do people actually obey that 25 MPH speed limit? na
      However what does help though is the traffic lights particularly on Illinois street are timed just right that if you try to go faster than 25-30 MPH you end up having to brake and stop at every light instead of being able to keep moving along.

  • For the record, I’d love for the proposal to find a way to save (and perhaps incorporate) the 2 small old masonry buildings along Michigan Street. Circa is a better project because they incorporated the old brick tool and dye shop.

  • I love that it is in my opinion a true mid-rise. We have seen a lot of these types and styles of projects in Indy over the past few years; however, the majority seem to be in the 4-6 floor range. I love that this appears to be 11 floors. We need more of this mid-rise development. It adds much greater density and will enhance liveliness of the area which should in turn improve livability with added downtown amenities.

  • Would also like to see the point at block 400 rise up to 10 to 15 stories it would really make a bold statement on that corner like the jw.proposed for 25 but ended up being redesigned and brought up to 34 stories insted,like the student development that showes 5 and 11 stories, block 400 would look specktacular and cool like this as well,and would be even taller if they were go 15 stories with even more skyline views and sceans.

  • And buy the way lets not forget the 9 on canal student housing and its cool looking second adition coming soon.

  • I would love to see this get built but I would like to see it built without any local subsidies or tax abatements. Indy needs the added density, but it needs to not cancel out the local revenue benefits of increased density. From an architectural standpoint, I love this project. It’s a building that’ll continue to help Indy’s downtown feel much more urban than it does right now (which it barely does anywhere).

  • I wouldn’t necessary agree with the statement that this is “bridging the gap between IUPUI and Downtown” as its still 3-4 blocks just from the Canal and further away than other student oriented developments. However, I think this is a great project and welcomed addition to the NW side of the downtown with a reasonable height and will help spur other changes and development in this North Cap corridor that is seeing a resurgence of residents. What’s with everyone talking of getting rid of the one-ways. There are pedestrian crosswalks at each intersection that are timed long enough for walkers, enough bike lanes, integrates cultural trail well. It’s important for the enter and exit of the immediate downtown to have these one-ways (and has been cited as reasons why our downtown is never flooded with traffic for hours after a baseball, football and basketball game all in same night). Breaking this up to two ways would drastically impact the amount of gridlock that may occur. Just my thought. Some of the major cities that are flooded with more people than Indy have one-ways such as ours in and out of cities.

  • not sure why you are all so gung ho about it just because it’s tall? that’s like dating a guy just because he’s tall even though he’s completely forgettable (and even a little homely). They should be required to save the two brick buildings, indianapolis already wiped out so many buildings of worth in the 60s/70s that they need to protect what they have left, regardless of how small. I’m completely unimpressed with this design. It’s just more forgettable revitecture. yawn. I miss living in a real city.

  • Not that anyone will notice this post, but I noticed they’d demolished the older buildings on the site and they’d already started with the foundation work for this project, does anyone have an update for what it will look like? is this how it will be? I guess it’s good that there’s any development but it sucks that they demolished those buildings, plus mega block development is soooo boring. that entire area is nothing but mega block student housing.

    • The old buildings were always slated to be demolished, so it isn’t surprising. As for the mega block, the facade appears to be pretty well broken up, so I don’t think it will be too boring. I haven’t seen any updates in any case but did see they are pouring the second floor currently.

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