Bikeshare Launch!

Image Credit: Kevin Kastner
Image Credit: Kevin Kastner

Many of us have eagerly awaited the arrival of Indy’s own bikeshare program. Discussions have been going on for what seems like years (literally) and recently, we were finally given details for the stations and bikes.

Today, April 22, 2014, officially marks the launch date of the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare. I was a proud volunteer to help distribute hundreds of bikeshare bikes to their assigned stations in the hours leading up to the ribbon cutting at 10:00 am by Bankers Life Fieldhouse. It is official, you may rent a bike in Indianapolis! Details may be found in a previous post by Nathan Smurdon here.


Also, don’t forget about the Indiana Pacers Bikeshare Launch Party which is going to be held at the City Market from 4:30-6:30 this afternoon! Registration may be found here, but registration is not required to attend.


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  • I wonder how many rides will happen this weekend with the Mini. Hope they’re prepared for it!

  • You can’t ride bikes in the mini, so there shouldn’t be an issue 😉

  • There were a number of empty racks over the weekend. I love how people are just eating the bike share up.

    I don’t think people quite “get it” yet though. I keep seeing people riding them to Broad Ripple and the track and locked up to a pole 15 feet from the rack.

    I’m currently 15th on the rankings so I’m going to make a push this week to do a lot of bike sharing. Damn my competitive nature!

    • Well they’ll get it when they check their credit card statements. Unless the don’t mind going over the 30 min. window and being charged extra.

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