Better Blocks – East Washington Street (UPDATE)

This Saturday, a block of East Washington Street near Rural will be transformed under the Better Blocks program.  This is the first installment of this idea in Indianapolis, which intends to engage residents in the potential for a new vision for their streetscapes.

These renderings are lifted from their facebook page, and were put together by our friends at Urbn Dsgn.




And here are some other images that we have received via e-mail:

Storefronts, Beer Tent, Volleyball, Stage

Bus Stop, Bike Lane, Pizza Hut, Food Trucks

Not only the streetscape will be transformed, but even the Pizza Hut will be transformed to an Italian restaurant. A brand new tamale place is also open just in time.

One can hope that this event will capture the public’s imagination. For me, I wonder what else could be there? What about another block a few streets down? And, of course, isn’t it nice to feel safe while walking along the street?

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  • I love to see a new layout plan for my neighborhood! Nice that a franchise chain such as Pizza Hut is being replaced by a local brand. The streetscape will be used by many. Anyone who has driven through this would notice that the street walk is crawling with people almost all day and night long. This is a pedestrian type neighborhood, not by choice. Love to see urban cores being focused on after much neglect.

    • I don’t think the Pizza Hut is actually going away since the FB page for this event is promoting the new Pizza Hut special pizza price. It’s just being transformed for the day. Or maybe I’m missing something here (certainly wouldn’t be the 1st time).

  • The IMCPL building at this location is one of my favorite Carnegie libraries and gets lots of traffic. They need good bike racks badly! Perhaps the one-day makeover could also include components that remain in place after the event.

  • I’m really excited about this. Hopefully people will see what complete streets really should be. Just adding some trees or a bike lane is NOT enough.

  • I think thats nice for The Neigborhood I can also vision a Save a-lot right there @ Washington and Sherman in The Old Marsh Building on The Southwest Corner.

  • Just don’t mess with the grotesques!! (on the library’s façade) 😉

    Coolest library façade in town.

  • Awesome idea! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to make it by that day, but hopefully someone can snap some photos?

  • We have been working hard to ensure this will be a cool event and include all kinds of fun and interactive things. The Pizza Hut will remain as is, but we are setting up outside “fine dining” complete with waiters and tablecloths. The rest of the street will be a mix of quality of life envisioning and imagination. Flat 12 will be pouring beer and Goldeb Ace will be hosting the after party. Hope you all can make it! Thanks for writing this up, Kevin!

    • Golden* Ace… Hope that was clear! I should also mention that Tlaolli will be serving tamales, Greater Light Church of God will be barbecuing, there will be a hot dog stand and a grocery, too. Plenty of other art vendors and Scecina High rock band. Come be a part of this!

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