Mapleton-Fall Creek Infrastructure Improvements

The Mapleton-Fall Creek neighborhood has been the recipient of a good deal of projects with the aim to improve the neighborhood’s aesthetics and infrastructure. For this post, I will cover 3 of these projects.

Perhaps the most important undertaking is the conversion of Central Avenue from a one way to a two way street in the neighborhood. In addition, the street has been repaved, and the sidewalks repaired.  Here is a look at the first layer of pavement along with the new sidewalks near 30th and Central:

Next, the Unleavened Bread Cafe has received a facade repair grant from LISC, and has built a community garden.


Finally, the Double 8 at Fairfield and Park is installing a rain garden in their parking lot. More info on that project can be seen on this sheet:

Another major recent undertaking was the invasive plant removal along Fall Creek Boulevard during the Lilly Day of Service, but I was unable to get photos of the project.

Mapleton-Fall Creek has a rich history, as seen by this photo of 30th and Central from the Historic Indianapolis website.   The neighborhood has been largely forgotten by most redevelopment efforts in the past.  Hopefully a return to a 2 way Central Avenue, along with these other improvements, can help bring new energy to the neighborhood.

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