Indianapolis Cultural Trail Northeast Corridor – Before and After, Pt. 2

In recognition of the completion of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail’s Northeast Corridor, Urban Indy is running a series of comparison shots to show you how this project has transformed our city streets.  Today we’re featuring three pairs of photos from an area of Massachusetts Ave. commonly referred to as the East End.  This is the area of Mass Ave. northeast beyond College Ave. which features a collection of interesting shops.  They endured a lot of hardship during the trail’s construction process, so make sure you let them know you appreciate them sticking it out by patronizing those establishments.

Enjoy, and look for a new entry in this series every day this week!

Looking northeast at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave., Davidson St. and Bellefontaine St. (Corr - 4/4/09)
Looking northeast at the same location, thermal imprint crosswalk on Davidson St. at center. (Ailes - 11/1/10)

Looking southwest along Massachusetts Ave. (Corr - 4/4/09)
Looking southwest from the same location, East End shops at right, future location of The Trailside at left. (Ailes - 11/1/10)
Looking southwest at the intersection of Massachusetts Ave., St. Clair St. and College Ave. (Corr - 4/4/09)
Looking southwest from the same location, thermal imprint crosswalk on St. Clair St. in the foreground. (Ailes - 11/1/10)

This is Part 2 of a 5-part series – see the other four parts here:

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  • What a difference. I dunno, I kinda miss that interstate guardrail.

  • They could have made some interesting art with that guardrail! Twisted up into a pretzel or something.

  • I tell you one thing. I looked at the before and after of the guardrail area and thought that while there isn’t a rail there anymore, and maybe a drunk driver could barrel through there, the entire intersection is much more inviting than it was before. This could bode well for anyone opening a restaurant in that corner now. Its always felt like an uninviting area. With this, and the trailside, perhaps this entire node could become activated in the next year or two.

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