Indianapolis Cultural Trail Northeast Corridor – Before and After, Pt. 1

The Cultural Trail Northeast Corridor construction is finally (mercifully!) coming to a close this Friday, November 5.  After 19 months of work and a few headaches along the way, a ribbon cutting ceremony will take place at 5pm on the southeast corridor of Massachusetts Ave. and Park Ave.  That’s First Friday on Mass Ave. and Congressmen Andre Carson and Mayor Greg Ballard will be there, so go check out the unveiling of this newest segment of the Trail and stick around for some great art!

In recognition of the completion of this corridor, we’re going to run a series of before and after photos, showing you how the trail construction has transformed our city streets.  Shortly before construction kicked off on April 14, 2009, I took a bike ride along the Northeast Corridor — then just a green paint line on the sidewalk — and captured what things looked like on April 4th.  Curt Ailes is the Urban Indy resident photography expert and uses this corridor on the ride from his home in Meridian Kessler to IUPUI for classes several times per week.  Starting tomorrow, he will be providing us with some current shots for comparison.  For now, here are two comparison sets I’ve taken near Prairie Modules 1 & 2 at the southwest terminus of the Northeast Corridor.

Enjoy, and look for a new entry in this series every day this week!

Looking east from the northeast corner of North St. and Alabama St. (Corr - 4/4/09)
Looking east from the same location at the completed Northeast Corridor. (Corr - 11/1/10)

Looking east at "Prairie Modules 1 & 2" under construction. (Corr - 7/28/09)
Looking east at the completed "Prairie Modules 1 & 2." (Corr - 11/1/10)

This is Part 1 of a 5-part series – see the other four parts here:

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