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Zoned Out Indy

The city of Indianapolis uses a comprehensive plan and zoning ordinances as their main tool of city planning (see current zoning codes; or see Indy’s zoning synopsis).  The purpose of our zoning code is to resolve conflicts between land uses by separating them (Euclidean style).  Obviously, there are some land uses that don’t fit well …

From sketches to shovel: How The De Rimini fails

Sarojo Commons Initial Submission

In the fall of 2009, an infill development on the west side of downtown Indianapolis caused a stir with local urbanists. The DiRimini, or as it was called early on, Sarajo Commons, was set to take an empty lot on N. Capitol Avenue. The project is targetting IUPUI students and potential downtown dwellers. Finally, someone was stepping …

New Development at 10th and Indiana

The development of 3 large multi-use buildings at 10th and Indiana will break ground in August. This attractive project has the potential to reshape the area’s currently suburban-character, and not a moment too soon, as IUPUI is looking to start limiting the number of parking permits. Giving students and workers a place to live and …

Update on Near Eastside Investment

There were a few reports last night regarding the Near Eastside Investment project. Here’s are some links: WRTV, including video. Star WISH WTHR, including video. As most are aware, I love the potential of East 10th Street. Our densest commerial street deserves this attention.