New Development at 10th and Indiana

The development of 3 large multi-use buildings at 10th and Indiana will break ground in August. This attractive project has the potential to reshape the area’s currently suburban-character, and not a moment too soon, as IUPUI is looking to start limiting the number of parking permits. Giving students and workers a place to live and shop in one location is a good start to make such cuts less painful.

I do wonder how successful this project can be without a complete makeover of the intersection to give pedestrians a welcome environment. I am unsure if any projects are in the works in that regard. Regardless, this is a good step in the right direction as far as IUPUI is concerned, and it’s a nice bonus that they are planning on reusing the materials from the YMCA.

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  • Like I posted over on the SSC forums, I have walked through this area plenty of times over the past year. I even did a photo walk around the YMCA. I hope that they can somehow pedestrianize this area at some point in time. It is such a pain to cross the streets through there.

  • Tenth/Eleventh Streets from Senate to Indiana Aves is a nightmare not only for pedestrians but also for commuters and residents. It's a result of bad design on top of bad design.

    A bike path is slated to pass thru; it will be interesting to see how everything plays out.

    IUPUI and Clarian are the major culprits – they build w/o any regard to traffic patterns or the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Is the Smith Group (Architecture firm) doing the future campus planning for IUPUI currently…as IUPUI slowly transforms into a resident based, urban campus from a commuter campus?

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