New Proposed 2-Story Commercial Building in Meridian Kessler

Last year, the former dry cleaners at the southwest corner of 49th and College was demolished. Dry cleaners are notorious in their potential to be future brownfields, and that is certainly the case with the former one-story structure that used to be there:

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Unfortunately, that brownfield can extend past the source of the pollution. The duplex to the south is now less safe to occupy with residents. A development group has bought the 2 properties in question, with the intent to clean up the contaminated soil, and to build a new structure. This structure will house a potential restaurant, with an upstairs office:

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The initial rendering of the project called for a curb cut along College Avenue, but the neighborhood has let the developers know that the parking lot should instead be located at the rear of the property. The end result is a better project overall, and they were actually able to increase their off-street parking spots from 7 to 9. The Meridian Kessler Land Use Committee meets on Monday, November 6th at 6 pm to discuss this project.

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  • That’s absolutely gorgeous for a small, solid piece of infill. This is exactly what needs to go there as it absolutely fits with the neighborhood’s level of intensity of land use while making a solid contribution to adding a couple of new destinations (restaurant and office).

    It’s absolutely a shame that the Indy DMD is opposing approval of this over not enough parking. That’s absurd for something that’s going to be located right off of the Red Line and with 9 spots in the back being well above what this parcel is zoned for parking requirements. Anyone who lives in this neighborhood needs to raise a fuss to DMD and make sure that they approve this project.

    • Great project and couldn’t agree with you more regarding DMD. Contrary to their opinion, this project is actually a poster child for the hardships providing any amount of parking places on developers. Think about how much building structure/site area needs to be devoted to parking here – for 9 spots!

  • Looks like this wouldn’t impact Open Society or Upland so I don’t see the downside.

  • It’d be nice to see them not take up so much of the right-of-way and push the usable portion of the public sidewalk out near the curb. The trees should be planted near the curb to buffer the street from the sidewalk, not vice versa.

  • Anyone have any updates on this one?

  • Both the dry cleaners and the duplex south of it have recently been demolished. Any update on where things stand with this project?

  • I am currently house sitting for my brother who lives directly across the street from the project. It is actively building and my curiosity led me to this site and these comments.
    Does anyone have any updates as to final plans, tenants, etc? My own curiosity as well as the financial interests of my brother, share a need to know. Thank you.

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