Potential New Grocery at 38th and Illinois

The North United Methodist Church is planning on developing some of their land, which is currently underutilized. The most exciting portion of this new proposal (page 71) is a potential grocery store, in a neighborhood that is currently a food desert:

The land use plan looks quite good. I like that they plan on sparing the existing Ace Hardware Store, and will build around it without overwhelming it. The development would also feature new apartments and another mixed use building.

It is key to get the brand of grocery right. It would be a perfect fit for a new Aldi or Lidl. I hope this development is successful.


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  • This is great. I was going to say that I’ve not heard of an aldi going into a new-build mix-use site but apparently that’s just what’s happening in a similarly located development in Minneapolis.



  • Love that curve

  • do they have any closer renderings of the buildings available? they look nice I just want a closer look.

    hopefully they don’t get a safeway as the grocery….

  • I think this site may be too close to Aldi’s existing store at 52nd/Keystone (3.5 miles), although the east side has two along Washington St. (Irvington Plaza and Washington Square areas) separated by the same distance.

    • The issue is that all of Marion County’s Aldis are out in suburban areas and very difficult to access without a car. I love Aldi, but do not own a vehicle. Getting groceries out there can be a challenge. However, this is at a point where the Purple and Red lines will meet and is smack in the middle of Indy’s densest and most heavily traveled corridor, with good walkability. An Aldi at this location would make getting groceries for those living in the area (which has a relatively high low-income population) a cinch.

  • By the way, NUMC isn’t selling off the property, I don’t think. They are partnering on developing it.

  • I’ve always thought that this area had big potential that every time i drove on 38th street going east between capital heading towards meridian up to college I’ve always pictured it with out door seating with the large umbrellas and people eating talking laughing shopping ect. like L.A., Chicago, San Francisco, Miami’s brickal a.c.. etc. even would be nice to see a new high rise go in as well something like 23 to 25 floors would be cool, maybe a sky house residential complete with a first Publix foods or fresh time would be great for those familiar with sky house and Publix foods which is mostly down south, but would be great for Indy and this or brod ripple, what’s you guys take on this.

  • Gee, wouldn’t the big concern for Aldi’s be getting store or customers robbed? That’s probably a big concern at 52 and Keystone.Option B if concern for neighbors is a real issue is to provide multiple spots for food trucks and similar vendors, with water and electric supplies and, alas, some indoor plumbing & security. Regular vendors operating their OWN business and learning/earning. See current issue of Granola Shotgun (08-10-17?)

  • I wish more urban churches would build community friendly mixed use projects like this one.

  • Any progress on getting an Aldi in that location?

  • The h and Illinois neighborhood has been without a grocery since July, when Double 8 closed its last four city stores. One was at 3902 N. Illinois St., less than a block north of where a new grocery could be built.

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