Strong Indy Meetup for June

Strong Indy


Strong Indy will be having another monthly meetup happening a week early for the month of June on Thursday, June 8th at 7 PM. We’ll be back to our more normal location at Rundell Ernstberger Associates.

This month we’ll have the Indy MPO speaking to us about:
· What is an Metropolitan Planning Organization?
· Why a Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP)?
· Goals, Objectives, and Performance Measures (the process to date)
· Revenues
· Projects and Project Prioritization
· How do you get involved in an LRTP process?

The MPO sets the spending priorities along with INDOT for a significant portion of all of the transportation infrastructure spending that takes place in the Indy region. They’re very keen for us to become a regular contributor to the prioritization process, which is an amazing opportunity to influence spending in a Strong Towns way.

We’ll hear from member Kate Riordan on her involvement in Strong Indy and why she is part of the Strong Towns movement.

Finally, Kate will also be leading us through breaking down our plan as a group for the near term on the specific ways that we’ll be helping to make Indy a stronger place to be. This will be a very important discussion to be apart of.

We’ll also have wine, beer and some food (hopefully pizza). Come on out and join us and invite a friend or two!

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