Matt Impink on Transit in Indy

Come join us this Thursday, August 25th at 7 PM to hear a presentation made by Matt Impink of the Indy Chamber as he covers the background and future of transit in Indianapolis. Matt will be covering the current facts about transit in Indy as well as the talking about the Indy Connect transit plan for the near term and longer term. This will be a chance to ask questions about the Red Line plan as well as the upcoming transit referendum on the ballot this fall. Please try to RSVP on the Strong Indy meetup page if you plan to attend. Also feel free to share this invitation with anyone who might be interested.


Rundell Ernstberger Associates
618 East Market St, Indianapolis, IN


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  • Is he also a member of IndyGo’s Board, like Mark Fisher of the Chamber who also stumps in favor of Red Line?

    Just asking.

    • Is he also a member of the Communist party like the IndyGoNuts at my local watering hole?

      Just asking.

      • Yes, be careful Stan. We have you on our list to be taken back to Party headquarters for reeducation. We cannot allow you to disagree with the Party line. After you have been successfully rehabilitated, you will be put in a forced labor camp to weave clothing for high ranking party officials while you weep and proclaim your love of Big Brother. Resistance is futile.

      • The point you seem to miss is that this is a conflict of interest.

    • But the cat came back the very next day.
      The cat came back. They thought she was a goner,
      But the cat came back. She just wouldn’t stay away.

      • make your argument or put a sock in it

        • LastBoyScout is no “Boy Scout” if you ask me!!1! His posts here all support that silly proletariat nonsense Red Line. All it will do is bring crime, death, disease and – worst of all – MILLENIALS to our great neighborhood.

          I’ve also heard that LastBoyScout lets his dog off its leash. So Evil!!

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