TWG Proposes Apartments for Former Gleaners’ Food Bank Site

Good news for the East 16th Street Corridor, as a multi-use project has been proposed to the Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development  (page 56).

The site plan calls for saving the southern portion with the cool brick Art Moderne look, and demolishing the rest of the less-historic structure. This ultimately means the removal of the Gleaners mural. But overall, this appears to be another win for the 16th Street corridor.


Photo Credit: Indianapolis Department of Metropolitan Development

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  • Good? At least theyre trying to incorporate excisting.

  • Glad to see something happening there, but too bad it’s TWG. Everything they build is hideous.

    • hey now, they did an amazing AMAZING job with the lockerbie lofts………… pulliam however, is an cancerous abomination…. a shit stain in a prime location.

      • That’s going pretty far. Pulliam Square is fine with me. There are worse places to pick on around town.

      • I believe they designed Pulliam Square with the existing Indy Star building in mind, which they had also bought with the intent to turn it into apartments. By the time they started construction, they determined it wasn’t feasible to reuse the old building.

  • Great! And when we tear down the 70/65 interchange they will have prime real estate!

  • It never ceases to amaze me that some critics (I won’t mention Adam and Tyler by name) fail to grasp that the design of any structure must be affordable. That is, the one who is investing in the project needs to recoup the cost of the investment plus make a profit as well. Yes, one could spend a lot more for the design and construction of the exterior, but that would require proportional reductions in the design and construction of the interior spaces (inferior materials a likely result). Critics should appreciate these concerns as much as the exterior appearances.

    • No, I think they are mostly being cheap. How were projects of earlier decades able to use carved stone exteriors and marble on interiors? These guys just don’t care…

      • LOL…. you’re completely uninformed. Seriously, you haters just sound silly. I guess it’s all a matter of personal taste, though. I happen to like most of TWG’s projects (Penn Street Tower, Lockerbie Lofts and, yes, even Pulliam, come to mind). You simply can not build an apartment building, from the ground up, out of limestone, marble and all the other fancy materials YOU’D prefer to see, without a corresponding increase in the price/sq. ft. Those prices would be completely impractical and out of reach for most in this market. It’s really pretty simple and I’m not sure why you (and nameless others) can’t grasp this concept.

        • I don’t know what the price point is north of 96th street, but they sure have a better grasp on brick and stone architecture. I believe Indy needs guidelines on design and materials. If the developer is asking for money from the city by way of tax breaks and free land, they should be able to build a quality product. The ugly concrete squares on facades have to go…

  • Someone please tell me why TWG and Milhaus keep using sliding glass doors on their juliette balconies? They should be using a inward swinging French doors. I’m guessing it’s a space saving or room layout thing but I think it looks ridiculous! If they don’t have space for French doors than they should be using a projecting balcony.

    • Same as above.. cheap. Why else would they all have white vinyl windows??

      • Again, Scott, inform yourself. Name the other TWG properties with white vinyl windows. Quick! It shouldn’t be too difficult, since (according to you) they ALL have them. Have you ever been INSIDE any of the TWG projects? Or is all of your bashing based solely on the “cover of the book”? Pulliam has some of these nicest, well planned interiors of any mutlifamily residential project around. I guess I take particular offense because its where I chose to make my home. Of all the places I looked at downtown (and I looked at many) THIS was the one I deemed to be the best. Luckily, I form my opinions based on more than the exterior appearance of a building.

        • My reference was to white, cheap looking vinyl windows, no matter who the developer. They do make these things in colors. White windows on what might be an attractive building give it a cheapened unfinished look, like someone ran out of paint.

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