New Milhaus Elevations at College and St. Clair

The Indianapolis Historic Preservation Council has released their May portfolio, which includes a number of new infill houses, along with some new elevations for the Milhaus proposal for the corner of College and St. Clair Streets. It looks to be a solid proposal:



The IHPC case is currently regarding the incorporation of the garage cover grate on the south end, which is displayed below:


I hope this continues to build up the critical intersection at St. Clair and College.

Comments 2

  • Love the rendering. Question: What’s going on with the IPS bus lot?

  • Fairly generic… a little ugly. Bit of a cash grab on Milhaus’ part. But at least it’s near the end of the good part of mass ave so most people won’t have to look at it. And I guess adding more people to mass ave wouldn’t hurt businesses.

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