Broad Ripple Office Proposal Renderings

A few weeks ago, the IBJ reported on a proposal for a 5 story mixed use building at the current site of an American Legion building in Broad Ripple. The renderings for this structure have been submitted and are posted below:





This looks to be a significant step up for the northern end of Broad Ripple, which features mostly single story converted houses, as well as a single small tower north of this site. I look forward to following its progress.

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  • Monon side looks good. But any renderings from the Westfield Blvd side? Looks like this part will become even darker, narrower, and more over-build as large parts of this section of the street already are — a rather gloomy section.

  • Kind of a shame that the White River is not more integrated and pronounced in the city scape of Broad Ripple. Rather it’s hidden away behind a lot of concrete (on the other side of Westfield Blvd.).

  • Part of that is because of the required flood wall protecting BR and surrounding neighborhoods. They could try to do a better job of integrating the flood wall but I’m not sure the Corps would allow it.

  • This is really important project for BR. We desperately need more office space to get more day traffic to support commercial activity. There were already two new office spaces added nearby in last couple of years, but this project is on different scale. Hopefully, Rogers Pools sells next and their lot gets redeveloped as well.

  • I am not sure how I feel about the design. I think I will be relieved when it does not have an ocean of parking around it like every other building with a similar design seems to have.

    On a side note I think it will be very hard for Broad Ripple residents to try to oppose this. It is clearly a really good project for the area regardless if residents are wild about the design. With the recent shootings and the strong opposition to apartments remonstrators will really start to appear like they are so against progress that they will take Broad Ripple down with their narrow preferences.

  • I think this is fantastic news for Broad Ripple. Like one other commenter said, this is significant to drive more week day traffic to local establishments. I work and live in BR (work from home), so I already know how great BR is during the week day to take advantage of.

  • I am enthused to see such positive reaction to this project! I truly believe we need more people living and working in Broad Ripple to bring new vitality to the area. If this new building brings 150 workers to the area, most will be out looking for lunch and perhaps shopping a bit and maybe staying for dinner or a drink im the area. If the new apartments ever get built over on College, maybe even some of them can live there!

  • Not the greatest visually design , ( just another boring glass box ) looks like a cruise liner berthed at the dock ! At least it does not tower over the trail.

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