Walk Urban Indy

A new organization has been formed to promote neighborhood walking groups called Walk Urban Indy.  They are starting their first group walk in the Watston-McCord neighborhood, which has an upcoming event on Saturday, June 15th from 9am to 3pm.  I will quote from their website to give more information about the group’s mission:

  • The WUI Plan
  • At the most basic level, WUI will assist in the organization of local walking groups and provide a collection of mapped routes of varying distances within a neighborhood so that new walkers can start slow and build up both speed and distance. The routes are a combination of turn by turn directions and a themed knowledge of the area you are walking through. Themes will include (but are not limited to): history of the neighborhood, environmental/green sights, and interesting architecture.

  • Printed Route Maps: paper maps will be available at key locations in the neighborhoods.

  • Mobile-Compliant Website: routes can be followed using a smart-phone. Download or stream a themed podcast to listen to while walking.

  • Tracking: Tie-in to existing technology that allows walkers to track their efforts (both time and distance) on a daily/weekly/monthly basis. They can form clubs/teams, or compete with friends.

  • We have big dreams for WUI in the future, including kick-off events, walking group contests, a spiral-bound book of all the routes, and targeted walks throughout the season led by knowledgeable docents.

  • I look forward to seeing where WUI will head next.  Group neighborhood exploration is a good thing.

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