Major Project Proposed in Broad Ripple

A public hearing has been scheduled for the rezoning of 1.9 acres next to the Central Canal along College Avenue.  The hearing will take place in the City County Building on April 11th at 1 pm, but it has received an automatic continuance due to the lack of a site plan.  Urban Indy has acquired preliminary renderings and site plan of the project that are subject to change. We will update with new renderings as they become available, but this is what was given to us back in October:









What do you think? What changes should be made to the project?

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  • Looks like a student center and dorms at a small upscale university.

  • I would say they/we are lucky this isn’t surrounded by many/any single-family detached dwellings or this might be a no go. It seems like a very strong project in potential. The second and third images seem to indicate a much more substantial parking garage attached to the rear/north side of the project than indicated on the floor plans. Perhaps just an early rendering miscue. It does concern me that the “gateway” approach to the village from the north will have a very Villagio esque garage facade as on Virginia Ave.

  • Looks fantastic. I know quite a few people who would love to live in Broad Ripple, but are disappointed with the lack of nicer/newer apartments. Those who work on the north side have almost exclusively chosen to live in Carmel/Castleton as a result.

    Projects like this and the development at the old McNamera Florist site are long overdue.

  • I think this kind of development would be awesome….. assuming it is privately funded. Broad Ripple needs a facelift in some areas so it doesn’t give off the feeling of impending urban decay. Changing the outskirts of the strip to be more attractive will give it a more inclusive village feel that it needs. Opinions about the design and what you would prefer are one thing. But i think that we need to do everything we can to get a project like this the green light.

    • It’s in the North Midtown TIF. I cannot imagine a project in the TIF that doesn’t ask for funding.

      That said…I don’t think it’s surprising that this is announced shortly after the TIF approval. One of the statutory tests for funding a project in a TIF is that it wouldn’t happen “but for” the creation of the financing district.

      I’d heard on the grapevine that the “future building” along College could be for a large organic/natural grocery chain location. That might explain the amount of parking.

      • That future building doesn’t look like it would be large enough for a Trader Joes/Whole Foods.

      • You’re right. If I’ve scaled correctly that first floor plate looks like about 50×130, or 6500 SF. That’s not big enough for Trader Aldi’s or Whole Paycheck unless they have a mini-urban model, or unless the developer’s willing to dedicate the whole southwest corner to it.

        • I’m partial to the same rumor mill and heard that Whole Foods is no longer interested due to the expansion of the Nora store recently reported in the IBJ.

          Trader Joes, I cannot say anything about that. However, (and sadly) that would likely be a large blow to Good Earth.

  • Renderings by Sim City !

  • Adam is right. Carmel is building tons of new upscale apartments and there is just nothing curently in Broadripple that can compete in the rental market. I predict this will filled before its even finished.

  • The design looks a lot like most of the projects being built downtown – Sketchup punched/recessed facade with balconies and the obligatory cantilevered elements (although these don’t extend very far out). There should be more canal-side retail. The College elevation is abysmal – the building should be built to the sidewalk and wrap around the garage.

  • Without the ‘future building’ (which may never be built), the College side is almost all parking. (Apart from that, I love it.)

  • It would be nice to see the Canal Promenade project completed at the same time.

  • Please get the uses along the canal right. We don’t want another sad canal district.

  • Unless I’m reading the site plans wrong, the parking is only going to be below grade, and enclosed on the north side of the first level. Parking wouldn’t be visible if driving from the north. I think the elevations showing whats looks like a parking garage facing College Avenue are mis-cues. The developer will need to answer some questions about this. Otherwise, I think its a great additional to Broad Ripple.

    • Tim, look at the 6th image. From College you’ll see the ’24 spaces’ that in every other rendering are covered in a red cube–I think these are surface parking. There is more surface parking further north, that looks like it is not part of this development, but will be partly in front of it.

      It’s too bad the College side can’t be made more pedestrian-oriented, especially if it will one day have BRT. College should think of itself as part of the core of Broad Ripple. As it is, Broad Ripple is either a destination, or a thing that you drive past. It should also be more a place that one is aware of going through on the way to somewhere else.

  • A parking garage in a flood plain – Awesome. That won’t fill up with water after the first big flood or snow melt. Good luck car owners.

    Otherwise – very cool. Deck should be moved to the east. Fill the corner facing College and it’s exhaust with something enclosed.

  • Why do developers love exposing garages? Is it safe for people to see they may be able to park easily? Don’t get it. The corner of College and the canal should be more pedestrian friendly with 4-5 stories up to the street. North side of development should be the only facade exposing garage.

  • It seems to encroach upon the trail but other than that I’m pleased to see the old Shell Station vanish.

  • Love the April Fool’s joke, Kevin!

  • He definitely fooled me! Too bad, because that corner needs a facelift.

    • Um, this isn’t an April Fools joke.

      • Yes, I don’t do April Fools. This has now been posted on the IBJ as well.

        • IBJ clearly states, “A rendering of the project should be available within the next week.” Since nobody knows if the renderings from late last year you posted bear any resemblance to what will be submitted next week, I tongue-in-cheek made the April Fool’s comment. The site has long been eyed by the development team. It was 1st runner-up in the mixed use parking structure RFP and the community has expressed aspirations for replacement of the abandoned gas station and activation of the Canal Esplanade. Citizens Energy has to sign-off on anything that abuts the Canal out of concerns for drainage, maintenance crew access and bank stability. As for a couple of comments above re: surface parking. 1) a surface parking lot is illustrated along College Ave (boo, hiss) and if sufficient interest warranted it, a structure could be added at a later date – hence the screened red box; 2) parking garage screened by residential on 3 sides would indeed be partially below grade (another concern for CEG in case it undermined the stability of the canal banks) 3) surface parking on the north end is a part of this rendering – activating what is currently a dirt alley – and serving tenants presumably culled from readers of this blog. Finally, John Howard’s comment re: Canal – yes, artistic license has been taken – incorporating portions of designs the community solicited from BDMD a few years back which included duck feeding bulb outs like the one illustrated above on the Ground Floor Plan @ Carrollton & Laverock. Yet to be determined: will the developer commit to Canal Esplanade improvements (walls, planters, etc.) & will CEG permit it? Stay tuned!

  • The Canal looks to have doubled its width in the renderings. And duck access appears to be rather limited. Are these due to some artistic license coming into play?

  • This would place Broad Ripple within my consideration for renting.

  • Finally! First class apartments for the Village. This should have happeneda long time ago. Agree that this project will be well on its way to full leasing before it’s done. As someone working in real estate, I really have no options for clients who first want to rent a really nice apartment to get to know the area and/or are paying off their college loans. True, there eventually will be a few options a good distance to the south at Kessler and the Monon Trail…but that’s not really “in the Village” where people are asking about.

  • I have an office suite for lease across the street from this new project.
    4 Offices & a bathroom. Seperate entrance. New building

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