Hit & Run on Broad Ripple Ave – 9/8/2012

This morning I was informed of some bad news regarding a weekend hit & run in Broad Ripple Village that involved a cyclists and a motorist. The cyclists is one of our favorite Baristas and as a result of the accident, was left with 14 stitches.

14 Stitches (image credit: Casey Ailes)
14 Stitches (image credit: Casey Ailes)

Luckily, he is alive and will be back to work Wednesday making tasty drinks, but with a large bandage wrapped around his head.  The accident occurred around 2:05 Saturday afternoon in front of McDonald’s on Broad Ripple Avenue.

If anybody has any information on the motorists, who fled the scene, please pass along anything in hopes of bringing some positive closure to this incident.

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