451 Market Moving Along with Site Demolition

This project makes me giddy on a personal level.  When I drive to work, I park in the massive garage just to the north of this ugly building, which is now undergoing demolition:

The gray building used to house a small factory, while the beige building on the left housed the Bank One Operations Center.  The factory is going to be leveled, while the Ops Center will be gutted and reused, as it was built to withstand the weight of armored trucks.  This article from the IBJ has a good explanation of the project, and this post on Skyscraper City posts renderings and updated photos of the progress.  I can not wait to see this area transformed, and I can only hope this will be the catalyst needed to make Market Square redevelopment more realistic.

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  • I’ve always felt that this area would be great for a regional transit center. It’s close to the Chase tower and city county building, both large employment centers, and would also spur redevelopment of the Market Square parking lots. BAsed on your review of the IndyGo COA, and their recommendation that Union Station might not be the best place to have a transit center, I vote Market Square. 🙂
    Nice to see 451 Market moving along. This will be a great addition to the very near east side of DT.

  • I’ll second Curt’s vote. What a potential boon that could be to City Market if the major transportation hub was so close to it.

  • Wait. Kevin…you DRIVE to work downtown? 🙂

  • More recently, that old building was the warehouse for investment swindlerTim Durham’s classic car collection, until the Feds seized them all a couple years ago.

  • Tim Durhams car garage was north of Market street in the old Ropkey Graphics building @ 117 North East Street.

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